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Calculate and compare monthly costs for Third Party Processors like 2CheckOut, Affero, BTClick&Buy, CCAvenue, CCBill, CCNow, ClickBank, DigiBuy, DigitalCandle, eCommerceGlobal, ECS World, FastPay, iBill, iKobo, ImagineNation, InstaBill, InterBill, JensleyPAY, Jettis, Kagi, MembershipPlus, MerchantBoss, Moneybookers, MultiCards, MyPaySystems, NoChex, PartyKey, Pay-Line, Paymate, PayPal, PaySat, Process54, ProPay, Reg.Net, RegNow, RegSoft, setSystems, Share*It, StormPay, SWREG, TransactIndia, Transecute, V-Share, Verotel, VolPay, Yahoo! PayDirect and over a dozen representative merchant account providers including AMS, Cardservice International,,, Del West Netcom, ECS World, Electronic Transfer Inc., ePagos,  goEMerchant, Internet Marketing Center, Merchant Accounts Express,, MerchantAccounts4Less, PayQuake,  Perfect Presence, United Bank Card UBC, VolPay and others.





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Review Selected Third Party Processors IPSP's * Is PayPal the Best Alternative for You? 

Depending on your monthly sales volume, you may be surprised to discover that PayPal may not be the lowest cost alternative for you!   In some cases, Moneybookers, InstaBill,

 or other providers may be lower. Nearly every Third Party Processor or Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP)  on the web,is already listed in this database.  

Several have a complex rate scheme of at least two tiers of rates or fees. More details about rates and features for many of these 3rd Party Processors can be seen at the Maculator Home page.

 Selected 3rd Party Credit Card Processors

3rd Party Processors selected: 13
PayPal 3rd Party Processor
With PayPal, you get your money fast. When the order is complete, the money usually shows up in your PayPal account within minutes. From there, transfer it directly to your bank account or spend it wherever PayPal is accepted. You can also access your funds with a PayPal Debit Card and earn 1 percent cash back when making purchases.
ProPay 3rd Party Processor
With ProPay, you can accept credit cards anytime, anywhere, online or offline. Get Simple, Secure, and Affordable credit card processing with ProPay. Accept credit cards in person, over the phone, or on your website Rates as low as 1.99% Multipleprocessing options Fast access to funds Secure storage and repeat billing with ProtectPay Online Linked Prepaid MasterCard Card. In fact, almost 1.5 million merchants have signed up with ProPay. We look forward to helping you grow your business.
Hello Engines! Share*It 3rd Party Processor
Grow your international and business-to-business sales with Share-it scalable cloud commerce solution. With Share-it, you can expand your reach worldwide, including Eastern Europe, Asia and India. And with access to over 20 languages for order processing, and extensive international and local payment methods, you can go global and act local. Our order process is available in over 20 languages. Localization to more languages enables you to reach more buyers and achieve more sales.
Affero 3rd Party Processor
Affero - Accept Donations, Rating, Reputation Service for Online Volunteers. Affero hosts personal web pages for authors, whether they are bloggers, writers, publishers, community hosts or individual forum participants that describe why they care about certain issues, which causes or organizations they feel need support, and a secured payment mechanism to facilitate impulse gifts from patrons who the member may have inspired or assisted in time of need. Affero also provides a historical record of ratings for the authors and their patrons.history of writing, volunteerism and partronage.
CCBill 3rd Party Processor
Online Virtual Vendor Global Billing Services. Buying securely and conveniently. Managing subscriptions and purchases online. Receiving live support 24-7-365. When transactions are processed through CCBill, its all part of the experience. Accepting all major payment methods, employing robust security measures and backing everything with accessible consumer support are just some of the ways CCBill has developed a brand consumers trust while processing millions of transactions each year.
NoChex 3rd Party Processor
Merchant Account: Providing all the features, flexibility and UK support you need to sell profitably online. Easily collect payments funded by all major credit and debit cards from your website. No monthly or annual fees. Payment gateway + merchant account Low transaction rates, Personal account manager, Instant availability of funds, Custom branded payment page
SWREG 3rd Party Processor
SWREG is more than just a payment processor, SWREG is an affordable PayPal alternative that offers value-added services, so you can tailor your business to meet your needs and your budget. You get all the key tools to get your online business going, quickly and affordably. E-commerce technology and tools that you need to grow your online sales. Quick, easy and fully customizable order pages and shopping cart have.
Share*It 3rd Party Processor
Grow your international and business-to-business sales with Share-its scalable cloud commerce solution. With Share-it, you can expand your reach worldwide, including Eastern Europe, Asia and India. And with access to over 20 languages for order processing, and extensive international and local payment methods, you can go global.
Square 3rd Party Processor
Anyone Can Accept Credit Cards with Square. A card reader, simple pricing, and smarter business tools make it easy for merchants to do what they love and get paid. Free Secure Card Reader Sign up and we will mail you a free card reader. The reader fits right in your pocket and securely encrypts every swipe. Download the free Square Register app and link your bank account. No setup fees or long-term contracts. Accept payments on your smartphone or iPad in minutes.
Google Checkout 3rd Party Processor
Google Checkout is an alternative checkout flow used by merchants to process sales. While designed primarily for transactions involving tangible and digital goods, you may also process transactions for services, subscriptions, and donations. All transactions must abide by our content policies. Google Checkout cannot be used as a person to person money transfer service at this time.
AvanGate SkyCommerce Suite 3rd Party Processor
SkyCommerce Suite - Scalable eCommerce Software Solutions Sell more software. Any channel. Any model. Designed for selling software through any channel, using any model, Avangate's ecommerce integrated service includes a full-featured, modular eCommerce software solution, a partner order and revenue management system, as well as a global affiliate network. It is the only multi-channel, multi-model integrated eCommerce software solution that can grow with your business.
Zombaio 3rd Party Processor
Adult Third Party Processing for Adult Membership Sites. Zombaio IPSP card processing is quick, reliable and secure. We use the latest security systems from Visa, MasterCard and JCB verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code and J-Secure to guarantee that the transactions are carried out in the correct way with full liability shift i.e. payment guarantee. Our payment draft handles the most important cards on the market in the USA, Europe and Asia.
SegPay 3rd Party Processor
SegPay offers both one time and recurring billing options for your online program. One-time billing charges consumers once for access to your online program while recurring models allow you to present a membership or subscription option. Recurring models are based on automatically billing the consumer on a recurring basis every 30, 60 or 90 days until the membership is cancelled. If appropriate, you can offer both one time and recurring billing options concurrently to consumers. Segpay launched in June of 2005 as an EU IPSP and quickly earned a solid reputation among the webmaster community.

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